Advanced Techniques and Tools for Data Tracking in Rosin Production

Advanced Techniques and Tools for Data Tracking in Rosin Production

May 15, 2023

Upgrading Your Data Tracking and Rosin Production with Advanced Techniques and Tools

Wanted to elaborate on some of the concepts we touched on in our last article on the basics of tracking rosin data to improve yields.

Now we’re exploring more advanced techniques and tools that can take your data tracking and rosin production to the next level. This is geared more towards facility operators and professional hash makers.

Automation and IoT Devices: Extraction Endpoint Calculation

The integration of connected technology and automation through IoT devices can significantly improve consistency from batch to batch and employee to employee. By automating data collection and making real-time adjustments, you can improve consistency, reduce human error, and save time.

For example, Lowtemp Plates LT3 is a heat controller and pressure transducer that allows you to calculate extraction endpoint to optimize your presses and store different profiles for each cultivar’s unique requirements.


Proper calculation of extraction endpoints is crucial when pressing different material. By identifying the ideal endpoint, you can ensure that you extract the maximum amount of valuable compounds without compromising the quality of your product.

Normally this is a process that requires a ton of trial and error. Calculating it during each press allows you to ensure you’re getting everything out of your tester material without risking a blowout or cooking your rosin on the plates.

The Lowtemp LT3 system helps you determine the optimal pressure and temperature settings for your specific material, resulting in a more efficient extraction process and higher-quality rosin.

Soon you’ll be able to connect your LT3 with to log press data and batches automatically. This can help you make better decisions about how to process material, research new production methods, and you can make data-driven decisions that optimize your solventless production process.

Easy Ways to Visualize Your Data

Using advanced data visualization tools can help you better understand the relationships between variables and their impact on rosin quality. Interactive charts and graphs make it easier to see trends, correlations, and outliers, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your process. Contrast that to spreadsheets and tables that are available with a lot of existing software and it’s a lot harder to see how your data makes an impact.

Process Optimization Software

Taking all of the variables in your unique process can help you identify bottlenecks between different stages and team members. By analyzing your data and comparing to previous batches/ anonymized industry best practices, you can see potential adjustments to improve productivity and profitability while reducing waste and labor cost.

Collaborative Data Sharing

By participating in industry-wide data sharing initiatives, you can gain access to a wealth of information from other rosin producers. This can help you identify best practices, benchmark your performance against others, and discover new techniques for improving your rosin yields.

We encourage collaborative data sharing, but we’re respectful of the fact that not everyone feels the same. You can use without sharing data or choose to share anonymously. Either way you’ll get access to the same powerful analytics for your own batches.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

By implementing machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI), you can analyze your data more effectively and gain deeper insights into the patterns and trends that affect your rosin yields. AI-driven analysis can help you predict the best combination of variables, such as temperature, pressure, and pressing time, to maximize yield and quality.

We’re currently testing AI tips throughout and will be implementing in batch summaries to optimize wash micron blends to create different product tiers and to optimize extraction endpoint during rosin pressing.


Adopting the right techniques and tools for data tracking helps you stay ahead of the competition and make better hash. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Artisans need proper tools. And tools need to be made by artisans. If you have suggestions for us or ideas on how we can improve our technology or hash making in general, drop us a line.

© 2024 CSKD, LLC. All rights reserved.

© 2024 CSKD, LLC. All rights reserved.