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Data tracking app for hash makers

Measure your process from wash to press.

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Why Hashy?

"Definitely made by hash makers."

We've been beta testing their processing software for some time and it's insanely impressive. Definitely made by hash makers.
The Inventing RoomAZ's 1st Solventless Lab

"This is what every hash maker has been looking for."

Everyone wants to make the best hash and avoid leaving yields behind. Hashy helps you dial in every variable.
Levi LanzrathCEO at Lowtemp Industries

"Say goodbye to wet, soggy charts."

And say hello to a beautiful application that makes data entry exciting.
kooosherLab Owner

"Hashy helps all hash makers level up their process."

User friendly, simplistic design, it’s clear that this app has been designed by hash makers for hash makers.
White GloveLab Owner + Consultant

"Dial it in with Hashy!"

Your numbers are the most valuable data when extracting and hashy is here to keep them safe.
The BryantistExpert + Consultant

"An easy way to track production from wash to squish"

The interface is intuitive and brings real qualitative metrics to hash producers so they can dial in their SOPs and have true understandings of costs per batch.
Dan WynickCEO at Dab Rite

Engineered for solventless 🗜️

Built in collaboration with 200+ hash makers and labs around the world.

Track all of the parts that make your process unique. Identify patterns and create winning recipes that increase yields and profits.


Easy inputs for recording data in the lab 🔐

Secure all of your batch data in one place. Trade soaked clipboards and sticky pens for a tool that plays nice in the cold room.

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Spend more time doing what you love ❤️

Speed up employee training and compliance reporting with customizeable SOPs anyone can follow.

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Share insights with growers and your team 📊

Send batch data to your team and turn notes your notes into better products.

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Hashy App Video Walkthrough

Quick app overview with Chase, Hashy co-founder

A better way to stay organized

See why hash makers everywhere are making the switch to Hashy.

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"Working with Hashy has been a match made in heaven. We've really enjoyed our collaboration, and intend to partner with them for many years and wins to come!
Levi LanzrathCEO & Founder at Lowtemp Industries


Your pocket solventless lab assistant


Manage your inventory

Track everything in one spot. See what's ready to wash, in progress, and recently completed.

Detailed yield breakdowns

Get an in-depth analysis of how your material is performing so you can make more informed decions on what to process next.

Optimize SKU creation

Get the most out of every micron range and take a data driven approach to product formulations, combinations, and quality tiering.
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Create consistent batches

Record subtle variations in process so you can increase consistency across batches and team members

Speed up training

Create simple recipes that make it easy for new employees to get up to speed in the cold room and at the press

Make more hash

Spend less time on admin and more time making hash. Streamline compliance and reporting into just a few minutes per day.


Answers to frequent questions

Why should I care?

Tracking data helps you make better decisions. Better decisions help you grow, wash, and press better resin. Spend less time guessing and trying random stuff. Lock into winning tek faster. Develop a deeper understanding of your resin and how it wants to be handled.

Is my data secure?

Your data is private, secure, and completely encrypted. You can clear out your account and remove all batch data at any time. Your data will only ever be public if you share your link or opt-in to compare batch data with others. The same goes for us internally – we only have access to anonymized batch data unless you opt-in to share with us.

How much will it cost?

In order to provide the best possible experience to hash makers, we need the best product and engineering talent. We will charge what we feel is a fair price considering the amount of time you immediately save entering data. We funnel everything right back into product development for new features and tech.

What are your plans for the future?

Our biggest priority is making our app easier to use. We're also working on hardware integrations with a few of your favorite equipment makers and incubating some data tracking products of our own.
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