The Hash Journal

Our take on solventless processing and resin farming. Collaborating with some top hash makers and rosin manufacturers all over the world to give tips and tricks for operations of all sizes.

Hash Maker Leaderboard

Published by Hashy Team on
We just launched a simple global leaderboard for hash and rosin competitions. After being involved in numerous contests over the past year, we were surprised by the lack of a single, easy-to-use online resource consolidating all the resul... Read More

Why Hashylink Can’t Fix (Or Cause) Errors

Published by Hashy Team on
How errors on your freeze dryer work, why HashyLink can't impact them, and our plans for the future.These freeze dryers are prone to errors -- if you've dealt with them for any short amount of time, you know that.15%+ of freeze dryers have pre-existing issues when HashyLink... Read More

Why Jar Tests Are Obsolete and a Better Alternative

Published by Addicted to Hash on
Written in collaboration with Apex SolventlessWe're going through an interesting time in the hash space where we're transitioning from something that was largely done in the dark, to something that is done in fully licensed, state-of-the-art labs.Show trans... Read More

Freeze Drying Time: The Secret to Perfect Bubble Hash

Published by Chase Z. Sater on
This is what a perfect freeze drying cycle should look like: ___________________________Unfortunately, we can't get there for hash yet because freeze drying has been so understudied (not by academia, by hash makers). The best we have are SOPs that g... Read More
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