CSV Exporting Is Here, and Here's Why It’s a Big Deal

Sep 11, 2023

We added CSV exporting and it's a huge milestone for us...

Now you can export your Hashy data for use offline and in a plethora of other applications. 

We're thrilled to announce the latest feature update for Hashy: CSV Exporting. This isn't just another update, but rather a major milestone in our journey to becoming the go-to software solution for anyone making solventless hash.

Why Is This Important?

Interoperability with Existing Systems

Modern hash makers are constantly exchanging information between applications. 

Paper notes -> ops person -> spreadsheets -> inventory -> orders -> invoices

With the new CSV exporting feature, we remove two steps and countless hours. 

Hashy -> spreadsheets -> inventory -> orders -> invoices

All of the data you collect through Hashy can easily be imported into any system that accepts CSV files (which is practically every application in the world). This makes Hashy fully interoperable with whatever data management, financial planning, or inventory systems your operations team is already using.

Flexibility and Collaboration Across Teams

You can now work in harmony with your operations team, regardless of what tools or systems they are accustomed to using. Our CSV Exporting feature allows for a smooth transition of data from your lab to your operations team for streamlined financial planning or inventory management.

Eliminate the Paper Notes Step

The days of scribbling down paper notes are behind us. With Hashy's CSV Exporting, you can go straight from the lab to your operations team without the need for any manual data entry. This streamlines your workflow, minimizes errors, and speeds up your overall operations. 

This means less time sifting through data to figure out what pheno you're supposed to be running today and more time pumping out SKUs on the press.

Customization and Community Support

One of the most exciting aspects of CSV exporting is the ability for users to customize formatting based on their unique systems. 

  • Customize fields you want to show/hide

  • Change placements and reorganize cells

  • Map custom fields to your existing workflow

We started by leveraging a clean template from one of our early supporters, kooosher, which you can see now whenever you download a CSV of your batch.

Our plan is to add more custom templates from our users, so let us know if you have a badass spreadsheet that you want to share.

No More Paper Notes

This update is a big step towards fulfilling our goal to simplify data tracking in hash making.

As always, all feedback is much appreciated ❤️

We couldn't do it without you guys. Special thanks to all of you that helped during the development of this feature. Happy hashing!

© 2024 CSKD, LLC. All rights reserved.

© 2024 CSKD, LLC. All rights reserved.