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Hash Maker Leaderboard

Hash Maker Leaderboard

We just launched a simple global leaderboard for hash and rosin competitions. 

After being involved in numerous contests over the past year, we were surprised by the lack of a single, easy-to-use online resource consolidating all the results. This inspired us to create a simple tracker that allows consumers to see how their favorite hash makers are performing and identify the top genetics.

Soon we will add more functionality, such as profiles for strains and hash makers to enable filtered results for users. 

Behind the scenes, we are developing a prototype for an app and voting system that will integrate with this live leaderboard. In the meantime, we will continue to update the website with all contest results as they arrive and will begin to update with macro images of the entries. 

Our mission is to offer an unbiased perspective on the competition and results landscape. To achieve this, we're committed to including as many different events and results as possible, even if we may not agree with the event's structure. We intend to implement a verification mechanism for contests known to have unaltered results or those conducted in a manner we support. However, our current focus is on gathering all available data in one location, allowing consumers to decide which contest results to explore.

Why did we undertake this project? Hash makers invest significant effort to stand out in competitions, yet the visibility of their achievements is fleeting, usually confined to social media or the event's website for a few weeks.

Our goal is to create a permanent record of these accomplishments and successes. We aim to offer a historical perspective on which strains excel, the reasons behind their success, and their performance over time. The only way to achieve this is by documenting everything and maintaining it on a public ledger for everyone to access.

View the project here:

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