Why Hashylink Can’t Fix (Or Cause) Errors

Why Hashylink Can’t Fix (Or Cause) Errors

Jan 12, 2024

How errors on your freeze dryer work, why HashyLink can't impact them, and our plans for the future.

These freeze dryers are prone to errors -- if you've dealt with them for any short amount of time, you know that.

15%+ of freeze dryers have pre-existing issues when HashyLink is connected for the first time.

People are curious. Naturally, the question comes up:
“Hey, did the HashyLink cause that error?”

The answer is no. We're going to explain why.

After almost a year of testing, we still haven't had a single error.

How your freeze dryer’s electronics work

Quick overview of how the HR works. 

The CPU board sends signals to the screen and the relay board. Think of it like a brain.
The relay board controls your equipment. 

Here's what goes down when an error happens

Errors vary in nature. They can be caused by physical things (ex. door seal) or electronic things (relays fusing together and getting rly rly hot).

Sometimes the CPU will send an error to the screen.
Other times it won't. 

Just depends how it's feeling.

How HashyLink works

HashyLink on the other hand, tells you wtf is going on regardless of what kinda mood the CPU board is in.

We're pulling info directly from the electrical signals being sent between the CPU and relay boards.

HashyLink (unfortunately) can't do anything about errors

We can’t send anything out of our board. We can only look at what’s coming in.

Why HashyLink can’t impact errors

On a physical level, our device is high impedance. 
Our measurement device is EXTREMELY sensitive, so it is able to measure
with practically 0 impact on the circuit.

We take less than ~0.00005% of the electricity that is going to your relay board.

And this is only for 
Buzzer (nothing else)

All of the other lines pass directly through, uninterrupted. 

If that bothers you...
It would be like Jeff Bezos  freaking out about losing $16

$                         16

On a more serious note, it can only affect the mTorr you see on your screen by 0.00000001.

To put it in perspective, the pressure sensors Harvest Right uses are off by +-25%.

So that's why HashyLink can't mess up

We engineered it that way. Not being able to impact errors is a double-edged sword. It's good, because it's ultra safe and doesn't change how your freeze dryer works. It's bad, because we want to fix errors and provide more control to hash makers.

We're working on getting full control of the devices through a few different methods, and we'll share details when we have something more concrete in place. 

Thanks for reading!

© 2024 CSKD, LLC. All rights reserved.

© 2024 CSKD, LLC. All rights reserved.