Thanks everyone ❤️We're in production!

Wi-Fi + data for your freeze dryer

Batch notifications. Log info.
Monitor your freeze dryer remotely.

Thanks everyone ❤️We're in production!

Wi-Fi + data for your freeze dryer

Batch notifications. Log info.
Monitor your freeze dryer remotely.

80,000+ hours successful run time
Used by 40 labs and counting
In 25+ states and regions
Over 2,500 completed batches
10,000+ hours successful run time
Used by 40+ different labs
4 continents and counting
Over 500 completed batches


"This is what every hash maker has been looking for."

Everyone wants to make the best hash and avoid leaving yields behind. Hashy helps you dial in every variable.
Levi LanzrathCEO at Lowtemp Industries

"Definitely made by hash makers."

We've been beta testing their processing software for some time and it's insanely impressive. Definitely made by hash makers.
The Inventing RoomAZ's 1st Solventless Lab

"Hashy helps all hash makers level up their process."

User friendly, simplistic design, it’s clear that this app has been designed by hash makers for hash makers.
White GloveLab Owner + Consultant

See it in action

Check out our quick demo video 🎥

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Dry smarter 🧠

Take a data driven approach to freeze drying.

Monitor from any device 📱

Monitor your freeze dryers from any device, anywhere in the world.


Improve your product through data logging

See your freeze dryers in action from anywhere. Learn from your data so that you can improve process and quality.

Recent batches.png

Add as many freeze dryers as you want

Takes only 7 minutes to set up and you can monitor as many units as you want. Completely reversible and non-invasive.


Text alerts and errors

We capture the internal behavior of the freeze dryer, and continuously monitor for any behavior that's outside the norm.

alerts 2.png

Our roadmap

Where we're going and where we've been.

Nov. - Dec. 2023
10,000+ testing hours logged

- Launched real-time monitoring
- Sent out a bunch of test devices
- Labs got early access to app

Jan. 2023
We're in production!

- Units now in stock
- Fine-tuning error detection
- Improved temp/pressure accuracy

Coming soon
Next feature updates

- Error detection and alerts launched 🚀
- Historical graphs
- Real-time graphing
- Multi-user support launched 🚀
- Batch completion alerts launched 🚀
- ScorchScore


HashyLink in labs

Why monitor your freeze dryer?

Save time and effort

No more constant checks! HashyLink connects your freeze dryer to Wi-Fi and sends live updates to your device, displaying your freeze dryer's status anytime, anywhere, right from your pocket.

Maximize quality

Nobody wants to lose terps and flavor by overdrying their hash. Automatic data logging (and soon ScorchScore) will help you dial in the perfect, minimal drying times to preserve quality.

Streamline your work

Pulling logs manually is a pain. HashyLink stores everything in the cloud automatically, so you can access batch logs and freeze dryer data all in a single place for easy visualization.

Modular pricing

HashyLink Wi-Fi device comes included and ships in 2-4 days.

Monthly Fee

$30per month/device
  • Must subscribe in order to access HashyLink monitoring features
  • Live monitoring
  • Batch notifications
  • Send via text and email
  • Log temp, pressure, and time
  • Access to all future updates

$199per device
Buy now
  • Easy setup
  • Connects to Wi-Fi
  • Custom 3D printed housing
  • Designed and assembled in CA

Contact us
Contact us ☎️
Contact us
  • Dedicated Slack channel
  • Whiteglove setup process
  • Customized billing
  • 24/7 human support


How it works

  • We ship you a tiny deviceYou get a tiny device. This is what gets your freeze dryer online.
  • Small monthly subscriptionGets you access to live monitoring, text alerts, automatic match logging, and backups to the cloud.
  • Safe & reversibleThis is a simple piggyback device that doesn't change any of your internals.
Get yours
image000000 3.jpg


Less blowouts, more fire. Meet Lowtemp LT3.

We built with one of the first IoT devices for solventless with Lowtemp Industries. They had a sleek new touchscreen heat controller for their rosin presses and we created a desktop app for automatic press logging, extraction endpoint calculation, and simple visuals that provide immediate feedback.

Learn More
Group 48095465.png
"Working with Hashy has been a match made in heaven. We've really enjoyed our collaboration, and intend to partner with them for many years and wins to come!
Levi LanzrathCEO & Founder at Lowtemp Industries
lt3 desktop app.png


Interested in learning more? 🚀

Drop us a line and we'll reach out with details



Is my data secure?

Yes. All data is encrypted and never shared with anyone. Even us.

Do I have to update my freeze dryer firmware?

No you don't. HashyLink works on all models and firmware.

Will this destroy my freeze dryer or hash?

Keeping batches safe is our #1 priority. We've designed this so that even if our device fails, your normal freeze drying will be able to continue with zero interruption.

Why the monthly fee?

This builds a better product. All of the value comes from our software and what features we can add to your device once it's already installed.

Is my Wi-Fi good enough?

You do need to have a decent Wi-Fi connection. We have plans to do an SMS version but for now, you need a decent router and connection where you'll be running your freeze dryers.

Are you affiliated with Harvest Right?

No we are not officially affiliated with Harvest Right in any way. We're focused on helping hash makers freeze dry better hash right now.

Will you be adding remote control?

Short answer, yes. We've started on this, but still figuring out what the best option will be for users. We have a few different paths forward and the plan is to do something modular.

What about other freeze dryers?

First and foremost, we want to deliver value to the thousands of hash makers who currently have HR devices in their labs. We'd love to integrate with other freeze dryer companies and have a few discussions in the works, but nothing formal to report on yet.
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