Switch and saveMORE time hashing and less time behind a screen

Google Sheets vs. Hash App for tracking solventless data

Hash App is a Google Sheets alternative that's actually designed for hash makers. Easy inputs and advanced analytics without requiring a degree in spreadsheets.



Hashy vs. Google Sheets Feature Breakdown

See why the average lab saves 6hrs per week after moving off spreadsheets.


Built for hash makers

$150per seat per year
Google Sheets

Jack of all trades

$950per seat per year
Built for Hash Makers
Easy and Instant Visuals
Optimize Pheno Hunting
Compare Batches and Yield Data
PDF Reports You Can Share With Growers
Create SOPs for Employees
Operate While Using Gloves
Connect With Your Favorite Lab Gear
Human Customer Support
Fully Encrypted Data
Free to Use


Easy to use, real human support, advanced analytics. It's a no-brainer for hash makers.

Hashy vs. Google Sheets

  • Hash App is built for hash makers We designed Hash App specifically for hash makers to input and analyze data, unlike Google Sheets which is for all types of database work.
  • Advanced analytics made easyMastering spreadsheets can take years. Hash App is already optimized for inventory management, process tracking, SOPs, and advanced analytics. No formulas necessary.
  • Connect to your presses, freeze dryers, and moreHash App will soon be integrating directly with your favorite presses, freeze dryers, and washing devices to automatically record all of your batch data.
Sign up for Hashy

Increase your yields today

Without having to down a bunch of Gouyaki wearing a Rainbow Daytona.

Built to help you make fire hash. Stop fighting with spreadsheets and spend more time doing what you love.

Your lab deserves six-star software. That's why Hashy was made with an easy interface to help you track and schedule your starting material, record valuable data during processing, and learn from batches to improve yields.

Share simple visuals &
batch reports

No ugly spreadsheets and formulas. Auto-generate slick visuals and batch reports to share with lab managers, cultivation partners, and other vendors.

Connect with your lab to record data automatically

Integrate directly with your lab equipment and record washing, drying, pressing, and environmental data directly to the app without having to take your finger off the BVA pump. More coming soon ;)

Time saving templates &
SOPs for your team

No more soaked notes and ruined batches. Create digital recipes for your team to follow along with and see when processes deviate off track.
app hashy screens.svg

Switch to the future of solventless

Ditch the spreadsheets and get a tool built for making hash. Sign up for free now and experience the difference.

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