The Hash Journal

Our take on solventless processing and resin farming. Collaborating with some top hash makers and rosin manufacturers all over the world to give tips and tricks for operations of all sizes.

Why Rosin Yield Calculators Are Mostly BS

Published by Addicted to Hash on
Resin farming and processing is a symphony of variables. Terroir, genetics, processing tech, and millions of other factors.And if you want to make decent hash – you have to nail each and every one. Anywhere you look, you'll see content talking about yields."My... Read More

Advanced Techniques and Tools for Data Tracking in Rosin Production

Published by Addicted to Hash on
Upgrading Your Data Tracking and Rosin Production with Advanced Techniques and ToolsWanted to elaborate on some of the concepts we touched on in our last article on the basics of tracking rosin data to improve yields.Now we’re exploring more advanced techniq... Read More

Optimal Water Temperature for Ice Water Hash Production

Published by Addicted to Hash on
Bubble hash water temperature tracker
Making high-quality bubble hash for full melt or rosin production requires careful attention to water temperature. In this guide, we’ll discuss the importance of water temperature, the benefits and drawbacks of using ice or going iceless, and how to maintain optimal conditions for the best bubble... Read More

The Rise of Rosin Vapes: Basic Info

Published by Addicted to Hash on
The California cannabis market has seen a significant rise in the popularity of rosin vape pens in recent years. According to data from BDS Analytics, sales of rosin vape pens in California have grown by over 150% in the last two years.This trend can be attributed to the increasing ... Read More

Preparing Your New Freeze Dryer for Making Hash with a "Bread Cycle"

Published by Addicted to Hash on
As a hash maker, you know that producing high quality hash requires precision and attention to detail at every step of the process. One important step that is often overlooked is the "bread cycle" when using a new freeze dryer.A bread cycle is a test run of the freeze drye... Read More
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